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  • The session was so relaxing and resolved some pain issues I have had. - KB

  • I can't explain how I feel, I know how I feel when I don't get a treatment.  AV

  • My OCD doesn't keep me up at night anymore - I feel so much lighter.

  • You are magic - MB

  • Cindy has helped me along my journey so much - I am finally in a healthy place. - LR

  • This helped my son with his ADD - his teacher noticed a difference after 1 session.

  • My daughter always wants to go see Cindy for another treatment.

  • Meet my daughter, you helped us get pregnant.  Thank you. - JB

  • 10 year old child, My headaches gone, Mother - I didn't know you had a headache, child, neither did I until now, and it's better.

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