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New job as Lead Instructor for EMS

I'm Cindy Parsons, the new lead instructor for Energy Medicine Specialists (EMS). I'd like to share with you about how we're beginning to move forward with in-person classes and how you might participate to build upon what Janna set in motion for all of us. Janna was my Level 4 instructor in Healing Touch in 2014. I thought she was an interesting instructor. I loved the way she blended science and spirit into her teachings. I knew Janna had her own business with advanced level classes called Energy Medicine Specialists. I took most of her classes. When Janna announced that she was developing her own coursework beginning with the foundational, then functional, and finally advanced classes, I told her I would be her first instructor for EMS. I began helping Janna with the curricula in 2018. Janna and I had just completed the Energy Therapy 2A workbook and had an outline for ET2B when she passed. I was as shocked as everyone and unsure what the future would be. I was humbled and honored when Janna’s husband, Jeff Benson, asked that the classes continue. Thus, the first ET2A was held August 26 - 28, 2022. A dozen women came from across the United States to the home/office of Janna Moll, hosted by Jeff and their canine companions, Odin and Loki.

I cannot describe how nervous I was to teach the first ET2A class. I was physically ill before the class and had a lingering cough, making it difficult to teach. I knew the material and I knew the techniques, but I worried that my nerves might make this class fail. Instead, this gifted group of healers sent their loving, healing energy to help me be stronger, and the class ended up being filled with amazing stories. While instructing ET2A, I recognized that the depth of the information and the techniques taught were beyond the level offered by most energy modalities. Standing there, observing the students practice a technique as I voice guided them, I realized: this is the class for people who truly want to learn how to be an advanced energy practitioner. ET2A teaches us how to be a detective by learning how to assess, what the assessment means, and what technique is most appropriate based on the assessments. This makes it sound easy, and the work itself is easy. Simple but profound. Ethics, boundaries, professionalism, structure, and self-care are the five primary principles of Energy Medicine Specialists. These aren’t just words. We shared story after story to illustrate the use of these principles in everyday scenarios. These stories made me aware that I had future instructors, guides, and helpers willing and able to help carry on the legacy of EMS. Energy Therapy 2A and 2B are filled with current information on the newest findings in the world of energy and consciousness. Students learn the bridging of science and spirit. The students found the class to be robust, profound and well organized. Here are some of the feedback comments:

  • Wonderful just as it is!

  • Excellent communication of concepts and techniques.

  • Hands-on demos & practice time is critical for successful learning & application of new skills.

  • Feedback from other participants & sharing time was a bonus to the content and furthered the learning environment.

There is no higher praise than the evaluations, which spoke volumes to the richness of the information provided. The goal of the EMS foundational courses is to provide each student with an understanding of energy and how to use it in practice. Energy Therapy 1 is an online course that provides the foundational background for learning about energy. Then ET2A hits it out of the park, creating momentum for the journey towards becoming an energy medicine practitioner. The student is taken to an unexpected level of scientific information that is the key to unlock the healing path of their clients. I am now finalizing the curriculum for Energy Therapy 2B thanks to many notes and recordings with Janna prior to her passing. Practical magic, building a business, and new techniques are some of the topics we’ll cover. We will offer another ET2A class on October 21-23 in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, and then open up ET2B in North Carolina, February 23-25, 2023. Click here for details. If you haven’t taken ET1 yet, the prerequisite, you can find it online here. A Call for Your Involvement I inherited the role of lead instructor of EMS. This is a role I want to share with others. Should you feel called to want to be an instructor or be involved with EMS beyond the role of student, please contact me. Energy Medicine Specialists is a group effort and will continue moving forward with everyone’s energy. I know I am continuing to advance my own growth as a practitioner and now EMS instructor. I invite you to join me!

Peace and Joy, Cindy Cindy Parsons RN, BSN, MS-HCA, SEM Holistic Nurse Energy Medicine Practitioner Instructor—Energy Medicine Specialists

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