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The Purpose of Energy Medicine is to

 Restore Balance, Peace, & Joy to your life

About Me

My name is Cindy Parsons.  I am the owner of Healing Hands Energy Medicine.  I have a diverse background that allows me to meet my client where they are, assess their needs and provide the appropriate technique for the desired result.

I am a nurse with over 40 years of clinical experience.  I began my nursing career at a very young age; 5 years old.  I knew then that I always wanted to be a nurse.  I took care of family, friends, animals - I loved being a nurse.  I still do.  Nursing was my calling, I found it to be my art - or, as I often say; I was born to be a nurse.  I’m a natural healer.  I have always used my hands and heart in a manner that was calming for my patients.  In 2013, imagine how elated I was to find Healing Touch.  I found a formal educational  program to enhance and improve what I’ve done my entire career.  

My foundation in Energy Medicine began with Healing Touch in 2013.   I advanced my knowledge through classes with Energy Medicine Specialists.     I have also attend numerous classes on a variety of different specialties in the alternative holistic healing world such as tapping, laughter yoga coach, Healing Touch for Babies, Children and Animals.

I received my Specialist in Energy Medicine certification through attending advanced energy classes and assisting Janna Moll, SEM owner/manager of Energy Medicine Specialists with the development of the SEM program.

I have a Certificate in Holistic and Integrative Health from Wichita State University.


Healing Touch is a heart centered energy medicine modality.  It is a standardized program that is accredited by two national credentialing agencies.  Healing Touch has provided me with a very strong foundation in energy healing.

I received my certification as a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner HTCP in May, 2015.  This entails completing 5 levels of study.  A lot of homework, then taking an examination as the final step towards my certification.  Receiving it in less than 2 years is quite an accomplishment.

I began a small Healing Touch practice in my home as I continued on to become an instructor.  I received my Instructor certification HTCP/I in 2016.  Since then, I have held several classes and mentored new instructor-to-be on their way to instructor certification.  I began by teaching Level 1 and recently was able to be certified to teach Level 2.

Mentoring is a very important part of being a HTCP.  I am a Qualified Mentor for students who are advancing to become a Healing Touch Practitioner.

I love working with humans, it has been my career for years.  I also love those 4 footed creatures.  I have completed a few Healing Touch for Animals class.  I recently adopted a sweet dog with an unknown traumatic story.  He is very well behaved and interacts well with other dogs, people, and children.  He loves to receive HT treatments.  (Many times by laying in the room while I work on clients.)


I have expanded my knowledge of energy medicine into the essential oil field.  I use a lot of essential oils in my treatment based on the client needs.  I am a distributor of Young Living oils.  If you are interested in learning more about how to use oils, I’m happy to visit with you about this.  I use them for myself and in my treatments.  I only sell them if you ask me about them.  I do not try to sell them to you.

I have continued my learning and have attended numerous energy medicine classes that advance my knowledge into the energy healing field.  I have learned a lot regarding trauma release.  This is one of my best techniques that I offer.  My clients have received tremendous benefit from this work.  Releasing OCD behavior, promoting peace, harmony and balance in one’s life, increased contentment are some of the comments from my clients.


I completed studies as a certified grief counselor GC-C in 2017.   I do not provide counseling sessions, rather; the education I received from this course enables me to facilitate the client identifying their personal trauma.  I combine what I learned in the grief counseling classes with my trauma release techniques to become a very qualified, capable practitioner. 

Healing Touch/Energy Medicine has become my passion.  I love doing the work.  It brings me a level of joy and contentment that is hard to describe  In my practice, I will see clients of all ages, backgrounds and issues.  I do like to focus on children, teens, and young adults.  I feel they are our future.  My goal would be to teach them all how to do energy work to relieve stress.  

Working with people to relieve their grief and trauma is the most satisfying work that I do.  We are taught that grief is short and should be completed quickly.  In reality, grief is a life long process.  People must learn to live with grief in a healthy manner.  The work I do helps people live with their grief.


I feel I am an ambassador for peace and try to bring that into my energy work.

Recently, I have accepted the lead instructor position for Energy Medicine Specialists (EMS),   This was due to the unexpected death of EMS founder, Janna Moll.  My goal is to keep her program growing and I am searching for many more instructors to help me achieve this goal.

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